Mixed Reality Metaverse dedicated to Artists-Authors

Cordoleani AKA .//.
1 min readOct 3, 2022

amio.world is populated by a collective of artists-authors visible as holographic avatars with a smartphone or the future “Spacial Computing Glasses”. amio.world is only accessible through electronic chips placed in the physical works of the creators, their derivative products (prints, medals, statuettes etc…. ) or via two-dimensional barcodes distributed by their communities of fan-collectors.

A world designed for CREATORS
amio.world allows artists-authors to present and sell their works, simultaneously, in several places in the real world, and in several languages. amio.world is a new income space for creators.

A protective world for VISITORS
For fans or collectors, our amio.world smart card guarantees the authenticity of the works they buy and the avatars they meet. It secures commercial transactions, ensures data confidentiality and builds user loyalty. 24/7, they can chat in natural language with their favorite artists and earn amios, the utility token of this Metaverse.

A profitable world for CITIES
Integrating amio.world in its city means boosting local economic activity with a permanent exhibition of artworks. A device that animates the streets, gardens, squares, H24 7D/7, without visual and sound pollution. It is also a source of additional income for the territorial government.
(design by @cordo_nft)



Cordoleani AKA .//.

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